WADA-accredited doping testing laboratories

All doping samples are analysed in doping testing laboratories accredited and supervised by WADA. There are currently 34 such laboratories around the world. The harmonises practices of the laboratories and high quality ensure uniform processing of doping samples all over the world.

An approved, or accredited, doping testing laboratory applies for the accreditation of its operations from WADA every year. WADA evaluates the operation of the laboratories and sends anonymous test samples, for example, to ensure the quality.

WADA-accredited laboratory in Finland

The only WADA-approved doping testing laboratory in Finland is Yhtyneet Medix Laboratoriot Oy, a privately-owned clinical central laboratory. It serves the health care sector of all of Finland, such as private medical clinics and hospital laboratories of the public sector and doping testing, both nationally and internationally.

Petteri Lindblom

Petteri Lindblom

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