Anti-doping Supervisory Board

The Anti-doping Supervisory Board is an independent body that processes the doping cases and decides whether the action of an athlete or another person falling within the scope of application of the antidoping code is to be regarded as an antidoping rule violation under the Code.

If the Anti-doping Supervisory Board considers such an action to be regarded as an antidoping rule violation, it will issue a statement on the consequences to be stipulated for the violation. The Supervisory Board also resolves complaints made in response to decisions on therapeutic use exemptions and other administrative decisions, and resolves other disputes arising from the interpretation and application of the antidoping code.

The Anti-doping Supervisory Board is appointed by the General Assambly of FINCIS. The Supervisory Board consists of nine members knowledgeable about (competitive) sports and two deputy members. The Chair, two other members and one deputy member must hold a degree that is required for holding judicial office. Three members and one deputy member must be licensed physicians and a further three members must be specialists with in-depth knowledge of (competitive) sports.

Composition of the Anti-doping Supervisory Board 2019-2020

Jurist Members

Markus Manninen, Chair
Licentiate of Laws,  Attorney at Law and Master of Science (Economics)

Esa Schön, First Vice-Chair
Licentiate of Laws

Silja Kanerva, Second Vice-Chair
Master of Laws

Pauliina Vilponen, Deputy Member
Master of Laws

Doctoral Members

Heikki Laapio
Licentiate of Medicine

Heikki Tikkanen
Professor, Specialist in Sports Medicine

Esa Liimatainen
Doctor of Philosophy (Sport and Health Sciences), Licentiate of Medicine, Specialist in Sports Medicine

Petri Kallio, deputy member
Licentiate of Medicine

Sports Specialists

Jan-Erik Krusberg
Doctor of Economic Sciences, development director

Jani Kallunki
Sports massage therapist, Physiotherapist's assistant

Tuuli Merikoski
Master of Arts


Jussi Leskinen

Master of laws

Janne Röytiö
Attorney at Law


Petteri Lindblom

Petteri Lindblom

Legal Director

phone: +358 400 272 887