FINCIS published the results of the harassment study - Eliminating harassment requires the courage to change and intervene


The project Harassment in Finnish Competitive Sports investigated whether harassment is present in competitive sports; what has any harassment been like and who has been guilty of it. Based on the data, sexual and gender-based harassment is common in sports, but not more common than elsewhere in...
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FINCIS complies with the instructions of the authorities in its doping control


The Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports pays attention to the exceptional circumstances caused by the coronavirus and takes the situation seriously. Anti-doping education and training sessions will be implemented through remote connections, and online training is preferred. Since competition...
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Athletes against the manipulation of sports competitions


The Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports FINCIS is involved in Integrisport Erasmus+, a two-year (2019–2020) project on the prevention of the manipulation of sports competitions funded by the EU. Athletes representing the countries participating in the project have released a video where they...
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