iNADO is the international cooperation group for national antidoping organisations (NADOs) and their personnel. It aims to contribute to the development of equality in antidoping work by arranging training and seminars and through the exchange of information about activities in the field.

iNADO (Institute for National Antidoping Organizations) was established in 2012. Its head office is located in Bonn, Germany.

Implementation of iNADO's objectives

iNADO allows national and regional antidoping organisations to speak with one voice on behalf of clean sport and its best practices.

iNADO strongly influences decision-making by WADA, for example. The national antidoping organisations have no official standing in WADA's decision making. They carry out the majority of antidoping work. iNADO supports its member organisations work by providing training and disseminating information about topical antidoping issues, such as legislation, rules, doping control and training. Finland is a member of iNADO's Board of Directors.

Petteri Lindblom

Petteri Lindblom

Legal Director

phone: +358 400 272 887