Golden shoelaces

The Clean Sport message and the Golden Shoelaces: We've got fair play sewn up

The golden emblem of the Clean Win programme gleams with the joy of a winner. Now, even the shoes of true winners will shine with gold. Every athlete who has been tested by FINCIS or has attended an anti-doping lecture will receive a pair of golden shoelaces as a symbol of clean sport. By wearing these golden shoelaces, athletes can show their support for the values of fair play.

The message of clean sport is embodied in the golden shoelaces. The shoelaces have to be earned. Similarly, success in sport has to be earned through talent and training. The Clean Win programme hopes that these golden shoelaces will spur athletes on to triumphant moments and victories – to achieve their brilliant dreams.

Susanna Sokka

Susanna Sokka

Information Manager, Internet website

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