Educational institutions

Many young top athletes study at sports-oriented educational institutions. FINADA cooperates with educational institutions, thereby reaching athletes regardless of the sport. Primarily, FINADA educates athletes at sport academies, sports-oriented upper secondary schools and vocational education institutions.

Antidoping lectures

Antidoping lectures are part of athlete training at several educational institutions. FINADA's trainings and materials distributed at educational institutions are free of charge to second-degree educational institutions and sports academies.

Antidoping education as part of vocational education

FINADA's trainers also give guest lectures to future influential people in sports and those working in the field of sports. Antidoping education is part of the education of those taking vocational degrees in sports. The antidoping theme is brought forth in sports institutes' training programmes aiming for a degree and the education provided at the University of Jyväskylä's Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences.

Samuli Rasila

Samuli Rasila

Education Manager

phone: +358 50 528 4322