Antidoping programmes at sports institutes

Sports institutes' antidoping programmes promote systematic and high-quality antidoping work within the institutes. Each sports institute has an antidoping programme of its own. The programmes are specific to the respective sports institutes and based on their curricula and other activities.

The Association of Sports Institutes of Finland is committed to promoting activities in compliance with the rules of clean sports and fair play at sports institutes. The Association coordinates the sports institutes' antidoping activities and helps them join forces in order to spread antidoping information.

The contents of the antidoping programmes of sports institutes:

Antidoping education as part of the education and training programme

  • Vocational education and training
  • Vocational extended education and training
  • Coach training
  • Other education and training

Communications and marketing activities

  • Spreading information about clean sports and fair play
  • Proclaiming the commitment of the institute

Doping control

  • Assisting in doping control through the provision of facilities or by helping the doping control team to reach the athlete, for example

Follow-up and responsibilities

  • Approval of the programme
  • Keeping the programme up-to-date
  • Other measures to promote the implementation of the programme

Detailed instructions can be found in the sports institutes' antidoping programmes. The institutes can submit their programmes to FINCIS for commenting before the official approval. FINCIS is happy to support the sports institutes in this way in their antidoping work. The sports institutes can choose to have their antidoping programmes published on the FINCIS site. The programmes can be sent for comments and publication to

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