Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports (FINCIS) is responsible for all doping control in Finland. FINCIS also uses the name Finnish Anti-Doping Agency FINADA in anti-doping activities. In addition, FINCIS also prevents the manipulation of sports competitions, develops spectator safety and comfort together with other parties. FINCIS works without compromise to promote clean sport and fair play. Fair Win!

Areas of operation

Doping control:

FINCIS prevents the use of doping, promotes anti-doping activities through effective doping control and brings rule violators to justice. In this way, FINCIS protects the right of athletes to practise clean sport, stands up for fairness in sport and prevents the use of substances or methods that are harmful to health. FINCIS's doping control is systematic and comprehensive, complying with international rules and standards.

FINCIS's anti-doping activities target competitive athletes and the people close to them. FINCIS also cooperates with the A-Clinic Foundation Dopinglinkki information service aimed at amateur athletes who use doping agents and the people close to them.

Preventing manipulation of sports competitions:

FINCIS prevents manipulation of sports competitions in co-operation with authorities and other stakeholders in sports. FINCIS acts as the national information centre for manipulation of sports competitions and investigates any violations related to manipulation.

Promoting spectator safety and comfort:

FINCIS prevents spectator violence and promotes spectator safety and comfort in co-operation with authorities and other stakeholders in sports. FINCIS also investigates spectator safety violations breaking the rules of sports.


FINCIS organises high-quality education for stakeholders in sports. FINCIS's education influences the attitudes and knowledge of top athletes, people close to them, young athletes aiming for the top as well as sports associations and clubs. This means everyone is prepared to make decisions based on ethics and respect for others.


FINCIS engages in open, active and goal-oriented communication. FINCIS promotes a fair and ethical sports culture and increasing appreciation of sports through its communications. FINCIS's communication also supports its values and strategic goals.


FINCIS influences in international anti-doping organisations and national sports with the goal of harmonising rules and standards and increasing equality among athletes. FINCIS is at the forefront of development in international anti-doping activities.

Research activities:

FINCIS promotes sport ethics through extensive and multidisciplinary research. We coordinate, develop and carry out research and studies related to the ethical questions of sports together with different parties. This is how we provide new data for decision-makers and other parties in sports and physical activity. In addition, one of the main focuses of our research activities is to transmit and adapt ethical operational models for the best interests of the parties in the field to promote fair and clean sports.

FINCIS also influences internationally for preventing manipulation of sports competitions and promoting spectator safety and comfort in co-operation with Interpol, Europol, the International Olympic Committee IOC and the Union of European Football Associations UEFA. FINCIS acts as the Secretariat for the platform against the manipulation of sports competitions that is required by the Council of Europe's convention.

Members and funding

FINCIS is a non-profit organisation that receives its primary funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture's lottery funds and from its partners. FINCIS has four members:

  • The Finnish Olympic Committee,
  • The Finnish Paralympic Committee,
  • The Finnish Society of Sports Medicine and
  • The Finnish Government, represented by the Ministry of Education and Culture.
Teemu Japisson

Teemu Japisson

Secretary General

phone: +358 400 878 949